Support Legal Imm...

If a law is written then enforcement must take place. Yes, immigration is the foundation of this country but it must be done so legally. The immigration laws are what need to change; turning a blind eye to the law is not acceptable.


Be the Leader of ...

No matter the type of energy; oil, natural gas, wind, solar, or nuclear, America runs on energy. We need to keep our options open across all alternatives so that not any one source will be in jeopardy of being depleted nor so vital that we become ignorant of the benefits the others offer to the economy.


Establish Reasona...

Government agencies and programs should be held to the same scrutiny that any business would be held to. As in business, Cost Benefit Analysis is performed before any undertaking to see if the project or program is worthwhile. For those initiatives that have been implemented, an oversight of their performance is needed to be measured against the expected benefit.

Government programs must not only be assessed on their performance but also accept the consequences of their performance.


Identify and Impl...

Manufacturing made our country prosperous. Small businesses carried us into the 21st century and today they still provide our backbone. But to make that all possible, elementary education of our youth and higher education of our young adults provide the foundation of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Educational results have not kept pace with the expectations of the state or the country. We lag behind countries that use to look at us as a leader. Our economy is dynamic and therefore our educational system must be as well. But our foundation of greatness will, to this day, lay in what we can produce. Education must respect that foundation and leaders must find a way to keep it in the mix of the curriculum.


Enhance Security ...

Our world is changing and safety is on everyone's mind. Iowa is not immune to attack; damage to our lock and dam system on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, bio-terrorism against our crops and livestock, ease of interstate transportation runs through Iowa via I80/I35. Iowans need to be prepared for any situation. First steps are state-wide communication and exercising procedures against simulated events. Nothing beats communication and planning so that when an event occurs, emotions will be in check and the tested procedures will mitigate the severity of attack.


Intensify Fiscal ...

The taxes you pay are meant to satisfy the needs of the community; infrastructure, schools, roads, etc... It is time to have more accountability of where those taxes are actually spent and if the programs they provide are truly providing the benefit expected. It does not make sense to throw good money after bad and if the assessment of a program is not reaping the benefits initially agreed upon then it is time for a change of direction of those allocated funds.